Free Samples Site Reviews


Recommended Sites Sample Page Yep, samples right from Walmart. Who knew? Well, we did. They often have samples and they're a trusted retailer. is our other web site where you can find trial sizes for sale (you can pay a buck for a sample without having to take a survey, for example).


Under Review is a relatively new site directed towards women. There's not a ton of free stuff, but some deals worth checking out.

We've reviewed which has good offers, but sometimes you have to weed through insurance quote offers and other things to get your free samples.

We've reviewed, which also has free samples but often you'll have to go through offers for newsletters and quotes before you'll see free samples.

Free Samples Sites to Avoid

We've reviewed, where you'll provide lots of information but never get a free sample. is just links to, which is mostly coupons. Nothing wrong with that, but we’re looking for free samples and trial sizes.

I didn't like, and it looks like folks who've tried it agree.