Avoid this site


Unless you have specific health issues like diabetes, sleep apnea, or others, we strongly recommend avoiding this site because you won’t receive free samples. Other web addresses for this site include: has False Advertising

If you’ve seen their ads for free samples, it looks promising. They'll advertise free food samples and have photos of brands, which we never saw mention of again. You can spend a lot of time providing your personal medical information, then it moves onto whether you rent or own your dwelling. I spent about 20 minutes before I clicked ads for “bonus offers,” where I was not offered anything but the opportunity to sign up for more newsletters or participate in paid surveys (which can sometimes also be bogus). See comments & reviews from folks ( that were signed up for years without receiving a free sample. I won’t summarize here, but the word “scam” is used a lot.

Who they really are

Their business website is where they qualify patients for health brands. Investors include Lazard Technology Partners and Hudson Ventures, and on their web sites they tell us that Quality Health provides “customer acquisition solution for healthcare marketers.”

I just wish they’d tell you that on the site so you wouldn’t waste your time looking for free samples.