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After joining, I’ve received emails with offers, mostly coupons and discounts. The emails don't consistently come daily, sometimes they are daily and sometimes every few days.

Today’s email says “new samples available!” I clicked the ad, and went to a page where I see offers to join newsletters, take surveys, but no free samples. I signed up for Kellogg’s newsletter, hoping Freeflys will see me as an attractive candidate for free samples. It worked. Once I took the Kelloggs offer, I was taken to the web site where I could get free samples.

Note: as I move along these offers, there’s a message at the top, “You will be presented with a list of free samples shortly. First, review these free offers selected especially for you.”

I could have gone directly to Freeflys’ web site, instead of through the email directing me to the offers I didn’t want.

On the web site, the free sample links might direct me to a brand’s web site where I can complete a form, a brand’s Facebook site where I can “like” the brand to get the sample, a sweepstakes (where I could win a free sample, but I won’t get one otherwise), and other methods.

I’ll add more to this review as I go back to the emails and web site.

April 27, 2011 | Registered CommenterLJ


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