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Free Samples

We are the official resource for finding free samples by mail. We search for free samples that you can receive in the mail, then we review both the sample offer and the product (if we can) to ensure that the "free" sample really is free. Nobody wants to sign up for spam and wait 12 weeks only to rub nasty, smelly goo into their hairOur members rate and review the products too, so we help each other find the products that work best for each one of us.  

Many free samples run out quickly. The only two ways to learn about each new sample we review are Twitter,and Email Alerts.
You can visit our recent samples page frequently, but we don't always have brand new samples. We do love FaceBook and post
all of our new samples to our FaceBook page, but members who "like" us still only receive a few of our posts

Offer Reviews

Rating Sample

Our Offer Review rates the free sample in six categories and overall:
Validity - Who is providing the sample and why? Is it the product manufacturer, or is it a list broker?
Privacy - Is there a privacy policy in place? Can they share your information? Will you get junk mail?
Personal Info - Beyond contact data, exactly what do they require? 
Offers / Ads - Got popups? Or a long list of pre-checked opt-ins below the submit button?
Delivery - What is the mail delivery window? Did the sample arrive on time and in good condition?

Product Reviews

Members can rate products and post their own reviews to help other shoppers. And we do too once we have used the product. 

So please join us in our quest to find new products that improve our lives!  Use the Free Samples link to find a new, better product
for you, and please help other members by posting your own reviews of the products you've tried.