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We are the official resource for finding free samples in the mail. We search for free samples that you can receive by mail, then we order and receive the free samples so we can tell you about our experience.  We hope you’ll share where you find free samples by mail and what you experienced, too.  We provide tips to help you protect your privacy, to keep your mail and email free of junk, and reduce the time you spend getting free samples.

We also rate the offers to help protect your time, your privacy and your mail. Here's our rating system:

  High legitimacy, low effort and low privacy risk

 Questionable legitimacy, effort or privacy risk    

 Unacceptable legitimacy, effort or risk

Our ratings are based on:

      Time Required: Less than 1 minute is good.
      Personal Information Required: Only name, address and email is good.
      Privacy: Are you signing up for spam or third parties?
      Reliability: Are we confident that you will get your sample?

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